“My bouquet was GORGEOUS! Perfect, beautiful, would not change a thing.” -Sarah B.

The New Year

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Ranunculus in greenhouse

The new year here is a time to dream about spring flowers. Perennials and bulbs are the bulk of our spring blooms. They have a jump start with established roots safely below the freezes & thaws of winter. We love to pamper them with a blanket of shredded leaves too. Many come back year after year and, in the case of peonies, come back bigger & better every spring!

Thanks a million!

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Well, we’ve hit the end of another glorious season of flowers! Thanks to all of our customers who support us & make this possible. We’re out in the field now planting thousands of tulips and spring bulbs. After that, we’ll be digging & prepping dahlias for winter storage. Stay tuned for online dahlia tuber sales this winter and a big surprise addition to the business next spring!

Beauty and the Beach

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Rebecca Stumpf Photography

Love this shot of one of our happy couples looking down Eastsound from Ship’s Bay. The food and the views at the Inn at Ship’s Bay are just spectacular.